Forite is a collection of recycled glass tiles made from components found in discarded fridges, ovens and microwave ovens.

A material prototype to address both silicate scarcity and growing volumes of electronic waste (E-Waste), Forite positively leverages the unique properties of composition, colour, and structure inherent in glass from E-Waste into a series of architectural tiles. In an industry which demands transparency and consistency as the standard for recycled glass, Forite embraces the variance and complexity embedded in the waste materials. A focus has been set on waste glass from fridges, ovens and microwaves to demonstrate the aesthetic depth, function and potential of the material, without limiting the project to this stream alone.

Forite tiles have been developed in collaboration between Studio Plastique, Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni over the last two years of research and experimentation. With the aim of creating sustainable, smart and refined architectural products, the project creates new value for an abundant yet largely unused group of materials.

Product List:


10cm x 10cm Forite

Available in green, grey and transparent


30cm x 30cm Forite

Available in green, grey and transparent

Forite tiles are certified as per EU standard…